Cancellation policy

Cancellation: Ecommergy is an ongoing monthly membership. Subsequent month's memberships are charged on or about the 10th of each month. If you cancel your membership prior the 10th of the month, cancellation will take effect immediately, and you will not be charged for that month's membership. If cancellation is made on or after the 10th of the month and you have been charged, then cancellation will take affect with the following month's membership. You may cancel your ECommergy subscription at any time by contacting the Support Desk at and requesting to cancel.

Refunds: Sorry, no refunds are available for the current month’s ECommergy subscriptions or day passes.

NOTE: For SFI Affiliates: In the case of cancellations, any advancements from the SFI compensation plan, bonuses, or awards received by an SFI Affiliate as a result of any purchases will be reversed and the amount(s) deducted from any refund. SFI may also charge back to an affiliates' upline any commissions, rebates, bonuses, or awards received or paid on product(s) cancelled by the affiliate.

To cancel your Ecommergy membership, please contact support at